Trevor Noah: Trump ‘Managed To Turn White People Against Dogs’

At his rally in El Paso, Texas, on Monday night, President Donald Trump praised German shepherds for their ability to sniff out illicit drugs at border crossings. Then he launched into a lengthy riff about why he doesn’t have a dog.

Trump, one of the few presidents in recent memory who hasn’t had a dog, said that he was too busy to have one, that walking a dog on the White House lawn would not be a good look for him and that he didn’t need one to shore up his political popularity.

When someone in the crowd pointed out that President Barack Obama had a dog, Trump said, “Yeah, Obama had a dog.”

That got the attention of Trevor Noah. ”‘Obama had a dog,’ like it’s a bad thing?” the host of “The Daily Show” sputtered.

“That’s how much Trump has persuasion over his people at these rallies,” Noah said. “He managed to turn white people against dogs. Dogs ― the thing white people love more than anything!”

He explained that white people love dogs so much that they take them into consideration when deciding what movie to watch. “They will refuse to watch anything where a dog dies,” Noah said. “They’ll be like, ‘“Marley and Me” is too sad. Let’s watch “Schindler’s List.” Let’s do that. I don’t want to see a dog dying.’”

Check out the video above to see why Noah thinks Trump would like having a dog. 

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