Tim Tebow slams critics using kneeling photo to support NFL anthem protesters

Tim Tebow has been out of the National Football League for six years but he said he had to respond to a viral post that accused him of using his famous pose – known as “Tebowing” – for political protest.

The football-turned-baseball player, famous for wearing Bible verses on his eye black, said it’s “disappointing” and “a little bit sad” to see his pose being misrepresented.

“Let’s not forget about Tim Tebow, the NFL quarterback that kneeled in protest of abortion during the National Anthem in 2012,” the viral post shared by rapper T.I. read in part, comparing Tebow to Colin Kaepernick and calling out the “hypocrisy” of it all.

Except the post had “zero truth” to it, according to Tebow.

“I never did anything during a national anthem but stand and support my country,” Tebow told USA Today ahead of him starting in left field for Binghamton on Friday.


Tebow further clarified that his kneeling had nothing to do with touchdown celebrations, either, but rather a move he started doing in high school before and after games to “thank my Lord and savior, Jesus Christ” and for perspective in his life.

AP Photo/Julie Jacobson

Tim Tebow, a former NFL quarterback who now plays for the Mets, responded to critics who said used his “Tebowing” photo to support national anthem protests.

 (AP Photo/Julie Jacobson)

“It was never something I did to take away from somebody else,” Tebow said. “It was just something I did with a personal relationship with my God. So I think that’s just sometimes disappointing when things get taken away from the truth and then it’s just created into whatever somebody wants it to be.’’

But the outspoken Christian athlete said he “doesn’t knock” players who stand for what they believe in, but instead he said it’s more important to “know their heart and where they’re coming from.”

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