‘Suicide doors’ make a comeback in revived Lincoln Continental

More recent takes on the suicide door have incorporated safety features such as locking the door once the car reaches a certain speed.

Apart from the coach doors, the car’s wheelbase will be six inches longer, which Lincoln said gives the rear seats more room. The car lights up as its driver approaches with a welcoming lighting sequence. The trim is Lincoln’s best quality leathers and dash materials, its Black Label, which typically offers higher quality materials and membership privileges, such as vehicle detailing and free car washes.

Sedans are a tough sell these days. Ford said it plans to all but stop making them over the next several years, with the exception of its Mustang sports car.

But this version of the Continental is more of a specialty sedan, and sales of those are still relatively healthy, said Robert Parker, director of marketing, sales and service for Lincoln.

“I find it incredibly interesting,” said Stephanie Brinley, an analyst for IHS Markit. “The Continental is a vehicle that has had weak sales in a difficult segment, for sure. So I think it is an effort to draw in some interest and create some buzz around the car.”

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