Miami Heat star Hassan Whiteside had $50G rifle stolen from him, report says

Miami Heat star Hassan Whiteside reportedly had a $50,000 rifle stolen from him during the summer.

Soon after he bought the weapon on July 5, Whiteside was robbed of the Colt M16 assault rifle, ammo, a rifle bag and a silencer after someone snatched the items from his Rolls Royce, according to AM 640’s Andy Slater. Whiteside reportedly left his doors unlocked while at the University of Miami working out and believed that’s where the theft occurred.

But a few weeks later, while he and his attorney were talking to detectives, Whiteside reportedly remembered he left the doors of the car unlocked — and the weapons unattended inside — when he was called back into the gun store at the time of the purchase. It was determined the firearm was stolen at that time and not at the University of Miami, according to Slater.

The gun, ammo and silencer were discovered weeks later inside a stolen car in North Miami, Slater reported.

“I have a license for the gun that was stolen from me over the summer,” Whiteside said in a statement to the Miami Herald. “I should have secured it better and I’m glad it was recovered. It won’t happen again. It is now locked in a safe and I only use it at the gun range.”

The Heat determined Whiteside didn’t break any team rules and he wasn’t disciplined for the incident.

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