Indiana high school fullback dominating opponents, but doesn’t have a scholarship offer

An Indiana high school football player who has torn up the gridiron this season still has no place to play next year.

New Palestine High School junior Charlie Spegal racked up 3,356 rushing yards and scored 70 touchdowns during the 2018 season — but he’s reportedly yet to receive a scholarship offer from any college, let alone a top-tier football program.

And there’s more than in-game stats that make Spegal a standout.

The 5-10, 225 lb. fullback for New Palestine, located 15 miles east of Indianapolis, can also run a 4.6-second 40-yard dash, squat 575 pounds and bench press 420 pounds, according to a Bleacher Report profile Monday.

Spegal’s skillset, however, may not be exactly what the average college coach is looking for. Instead of dazzling speed, Spegal has shown the ability to find the smallest hole in an offensive line, power through it and shake off three or four would-be tacklers along the way. He told Bleacher Report he models his game after a former Heisman Trophy-winning running back.

“I really idolized Adrian Peterson,” Spegal said. “I like how hard it is to bring him down and how easily he breaks a lot of tackles. But yes, I have always enjoyed contact.”

Spegal doesn’t have the prototypical “dream school,” saying instead he just wants to go somewhere in the Midwest. He sent letters to colleges showcasing his ballooned statistics, his 3.36 GPA and his desire to earn a business degree.

“If given the opportunity I know I can be a tremendous asset to the football program. Please check out my HUDL Highlights and personal information below,” Spegal’s letters say.

Ball State, Cincinnati and Eastern Michigan have been the only schools to invite him to even watch a game this season, according to Bleacher Report.

Northern Illinois coaches paid him a visit and Army and Navy have also shown interest in Spegal.

““If given the opportunity I know I can be a tremendous asset to the football program.”

— Charlie Spegal

“I think a lot of it is people trying to figure out what he is,” Spegal’s coach Kyle Ralph said. “Is he someone who’s going to fit well in their system? You’re going to get what you get from him. You’re going to get a back with great vision, great bursts and great power.”

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