Here’s The New Show You Should Watch Right Now

Streamline recommends the first season of “Forever” as the new show you should watch this week. The show debuted with Amazon Prime on Sept. 14.

As The A.V. Club wrote of this upcoming weekend: This is the “Streamapocalypse.” So many good shows debuted this week, you’ll have a tough time watching them all over the weekend. “Forever” is the show to watch if you’re going to check out just one, but, breaking with tradition, I’ll highlight a few up top here. 

“Forever” stars Maya Rudolph and Fred Armisen as a married couple that starts feeling like their lives have become monotonous. Alan Yang, co-creator of “Master of None,” also co-created this. The series has just eight episodes.

In this show, the couple doesn’t change up their routine year after year. They go to the same places and basically do the same things. Becoming frustrated with this, Rudolph’s character, June, decides they should go on a ski trip, and unpredictable insanity ensues.

Reviews keep stressing that Amazon asked critics not to leak details about this show. The narrative takes a roller-coaster ride and is best enjoyed without knowing too much about the plot. So you’ll just have to check it out.

The fifth season of “BoJack Horseman” also debuted on Sept. 14.

As the theme song reminds the viewer again and again, the show centers on an aging actor that once starred in a “very famous TV show.” This actor, BoJack Horseman, is an alcoholic and a sex addict. He’s also a horse. Almost all the characters are animals acting like humans, although, inexplicably, some characters are humans and some animals just act like animals.

The show has found creative ways to use the limitless possibilities of animation to drive the story. It constantly unpacks new aspects of BoJack’s troubles, often doing so by taking the character to absurd locales only possible in a cartoon.

The writers slip in tons of background jokes and references that keep you searching for Easter eggs. My favorite from the Season 5 premiere is a reference to the musician Mac DeMarco. A character has a poster for “Quack DeMarco,” in which the singer is a duck.

The second season of “American Vandal” also premiered on ― you guessed it― Sept. 14. This Netflix show has similarly earned adoration from critics. The first season focused on two high school students making a documentary while trying to solve a mystery. That mystery: Who drew penises on teachers’ cars in the high school parking lot?

The show blends juvenile and high-brow humor together for a uniquely fun viewing experience. It also represents high school/teen life better than most shows out there.

With the mystery of the first season solved, the two documentarians pivot to a new case. In Season 2, someone called the Turd Burglar keeps making high school students poop themselves. Again, juvenile. But the writers are incredibly clever and that somehow elevates the show from something that could have been annoying into a must-watch.

Then, to quickly wrap up the rest:

“Kidding” debuted with Showtime on Sept. 8 and stars Jim Carrey as a Mr. Rogers type of character who ends up losing it.

“You” debuted with Lifetime on Sept. 9 and stars Penn Badgley as a stalker character ― not too far from his “Gossip Girl” days.

And “The Deuce” returned to HBO on Sept. 9. That focuses on the nascent porn industry coming out of New York City. 

You can watch the trailer for the debut of “Forever” below.

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