Elon Musk takes Trump-style Twitter trash talk to the business world

While both seem to tweet from the hip — let’s remember they are talking about serious issues.

There are concerns that Trump’s tweets could have disastrous repercussions, from economic battles to potential nuclear war.

Are his tweets official government policy? Should @realdonaldtrump be in the national archives? A judge recently ruled that Trump can’t block individuals from his account as retaliation for the political views of that person.

Musk ran into similar grey areas this week when he tweeted about taking Tesla private.

It’s being called the most valuable tweet of all time because Tesla’s market cap jumped by billions of dollars after the tweet.

But there could be some legal backlash. He said “funding secured,” which could be viewed as fraud by regulators if it’s not true. The whole tweet could also be seen as market manipulation if its purpose was to move the stock and squeeze short sellers.

Regardless, such an announcement from a major company in this fashion is unprecedented.

These off-the-cuff tweets from both Trump and Musk often result in damage control — leading to headaches for PR reps from the White House to the Gigafactory.

Musk’s fellow PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel told the New York Times’s Maureen Dowd in January 2017 that “They’re both grandmaster-level salespeople and these very much larger-than-life figures.”

Of course, a social media platform like Twitter allows anyone to engage with these two powerful men. But before you tweet snark at them, make sure you’re ready for the backlash from their rabid fan bases.

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