DP World plans to launch its first hyperloop for cargo in India

Source: Virgin Hyperloop

Virgin Hyperloop One built the world’s first working, full-sized hyperloop test in Nevada. It ran last year for a little less than a third of a mile, and accelerated a 28-foot pod to 192 miles per hour in a few seconds.

“We believe there is a need for it in India,” the chairman continued. “One of the big problems in India is transportation, the congestion.” He described hyperloop’s technology as potentially providing a transformative solution for the country of 1.3 billion as it runs underground, out of public view.

Virgin Hyperloop One is one of a few companies racing to develop the technology that is hoped will revolutionize transportation of people and goods.

First envisioned by Tesla founder Elon Musk in 2013, hyperloop transport promises to be faster than air travel but at a fraction of the cost. The concept is designed to propel pods through a large tube underground at speeds of 750 mph using magnets.

As for when the project will begin, bin Sulayem declined to offer a timeline but said an announcement would come soon. “We have a team in India that is working very hard, we’re working with our office here and in Los Angeles, but we are not wasting our time. The technology we brought into the company has improved 10 times. Whenever I meet with them I see something new.”

DP World is among the top four largest port operators on the planet by cargo tonnage.

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