Binance Labs Set to Launch Season 3 of its Incubation Program

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance-backed, Binance Labs is all set to launch the third season of the Binance Labs Incubation Program and it will be held in Asia for the first time.

The programme will be held for a 10-week period from October to December this year. A press release from the company stated that it was looking at fast-executing token projects from all continents, as well as infrastructure projects from emerging economies. The release stated that the company would be looking at projects which are related to BEP 2, gaming, DeFi, layer 2 scaling, governance tools and dApps (from Europe/Asia/North America), and stablecoins, payments, remittances and trading infrastructures (from Africa/Latin America/Southeast Asia).

Speaking about the development, Ella Zhang, Head of Binance Labs, said, “Binance Labs was created to empower the next generation of BUIDLers and nurture adoption and innovation in blockchain and cryptocurrency. Through incubation, we are able to support early-stage projects in finding product-market fit and growing traction. We continue to be inspired every day by the talented founders and teams all across the world and we can’t wait to see what Season 3 brings.”

The press release noted that the past two seasons had brought several fledgling startups into greater prominence, one of which was India-based Marlin Protocol. Others included, a privacy-based startup,  Nym Technologies,  Torus, a startup that develops technology for managing private keys founded by CEO Zhen Yu Yong and CTO Leonard Tan, closed a $2 million seed round and has built a working product,  Cere Network, a blockchain-based CRM solution founded by CEO Fred Jin and his team, closed funding from respected investors, among others.

The exchange has been very quick on the uptake on finding the pulse of its community. Last week, Binance had announced that they were launching margin trading on their platform.

At the time, the founder of Binance, Changpeng Zhao (CZ) had said, “This is another step in providing an inclusive cryptocurrency trading platform catering to the needs of both advanced institutional traders and retail traders under the same roof. We are providing a new tool in the financial services and cryptocurrency markets to help amplify trading results of successful trades.”

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